Create QR codes for WIFI accesss

Secure Wifi passwords tend to be quite long and are a pain to type on smartphones. A lot of places and people use qr-codes to share access data to their wireless networks. I’m also using one to offer guests a wireless connection to the internet without giving them access to my private network.
Fortunately those codes are pretty easy to create.

You just need to put your co sample qr codeSample QR code nnection details into a structured string like this


for visible or like this


for hidden networks.
On linux I use qrencode to create the qr code

qrencode -o qr_wlan_guest.png -l H "WIFI:S:<MY_SSID>;T:<ENCRYPTION_MODE>;P:<MY_SECRET_PASSWORD>;;"

sample qr code

Sample QR code

Of course you can also use one of the many online services to create the code – if you want to share your wifi secrets with any online service.



  1. So where does that magical string come from? Is it part of a standard? Which phone operating systems support these Qr codes? and how does it work for end-users?

    • To be honest, I don’t know if this string is part of any standard. But I suppose so. I’ve only be able to test it with Android.

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