Month: January 2018

Docker host – basic installation

Docker is a system to run applications in independent containers. This makes apps easier to deploy, update and migrate. I’m using it on several docker host servers, all of them are set up in the same way. They are all using debian as operating system, docker community edition and ldap based user login. In this post I’ll describe my standard setup of a docker host system.

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Installation of on a raspberry pi

I’ve been using home assistant in a virtual machine on my home server for almost a year now. It rellay is a great piece of software for home automation with almost limitless possibilities. However I’ve decided to move it to on a raspberry pi mainly because of some additional features. On the rapberry I can directly use the bluetooth module needed for some sensors. And offers some need add ons like a server to control Amazon’s FireTV stick or my USV. Except the more limited CPU I couldn’t find any drawbacks so far. is basically a very slim linux running home assistant and some other useful tools in docker containers which you can control from home assistant’s gui.

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