Texdoc for arch linux

Texdoc is a fast way to find and open \LaTeX package documentation. I write quite a lot of school related documents in \LaTeX. There are tons of great packages and I use quite a few of them. Most I don’t use regularly so often forget how things work and need to look at the documentation. I used to open the documentation from terminal by a quick

texdoc packagename

However arch linux doesn’t include the offline documentation for \LaTeX anymore, so the command will fail. Fortunately enough there is a website (http://texdoc.net/) collecting the documentation files and make them accessible at <http://texdoc.net/pkg/packagename.

A texdoc script for arch

As I’m too lazy to open a browser and navigate to the document I need, I’ve created a (very simple) replacement for texdoc. It pulls the file from texdoc.net and opens it in my pdf viewer.


evince http://texdoc.net/pkg/$1 2>&1 &

Of course this is not a real offline documentation. But it’s doing a good job in finding what I look for without creating and keeping all the documentation on disk locally.

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