Mailserver with ldap tutorial – overview

In this post I’m going to describe setting up a mail server using postfix, dovecot and LDAP with virtual mailboxes.
Although I’m extending extend my current mail server configuration (German) by using LDAP as single point of administration I’m going to describe the complete setup. I did this for testing on clean debian squeeze virtual box. The documentation of my configuration is mainly for myself to remember,. But as it might help others with their configuration, I’m publishing it.

This is a post from my old blog It has been moved here and slightly edited for better readability. It's also been adjusted to the new layout.
The content however is old and might be outdated.

When developing this config I was mainly inspired by the configuration by Michael Hammer.

The steps for configuring the server are:

  1. Setting up LDAP
  2. Setting up dovecot
  3. Setting up postfix
  4. Testing
  5. Setting up virus and spam protection
  6. Setting up filtering
  7. Setting up mobile access
  8. Setting up web acccess

Edited on Aug 27th 2017 for better readability.

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